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The Escape-Mattress® Vacuum is the perfect piece of rescue kit that has 4 FEATURES in 1: stretcher mattress, drag mattress, carry mattress & vacuum mattress.
As a result, this makes patient transport safer, more comfortable and with minimal need to transfer. This makes the rescue for a professional rescuer easier and more ergonomic. Besides that you save money, time and space because of the fact it is a 4 in 1 mattress!

The Escape-Mattress® is made of fire resistant material that is resistant to blood, urine, acids and alkaline as well.

CE certified and TÜV tested and certified for 150kg payload.

Optional: version without vacuum system (art. nr. 21100-03)

There is no better and more durable quality available on the market than any of our Escape-Mattress® range.


  • Inventive splittable vacuum system allows secure and comfortable transfer of the patient into the “bed” of the emergency room.
  • Made to measure stretcher made in our own production department.
  • Adjustable foot cover (patented).
  • Made of high quality & fire resistant materials.
  • Blood-, urine-, acid and alkali resistant.
  • OHS & ergonomic accountable.
  • No more unnecessary transfers needed.
  • Ready to use within seconds.
  • Cost and space saving in the ambulance.
  • CE & TÜV certified.


The Escape-Mattress® Vacuum is mainly designed for professionals in Ambulance, Fire Service, Army, etc.


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Article number: 21200
Dimensions (length x width): 180 x 47 cm
Mattress thickness: 8 cm
Maximum carrying capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 9.5 kg incl. cover
4 in 1 solution for the professional user:
Inventive built-in and separable vacuum system:
Ergonomic friendly:
Made to measure to the dimensions of your stretcher:
Fire resistance classification M2:
Blood-, urine-, acid- & alkaline resistant:
Equipped with headrest, body covers and foot cover:
Ready to use in seconds:
Free demonstration and advise provided:
Warranty: 2 years