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The Escape-Mattress Fold is folded double so that makes it easy to move and store. Once unfolded, this evacuation mattress is immediately ready to use. This mattress can be stored both hygienically and dust-free, by purchasing either a storage bag or an Escape-Locker.

The Escape-Mattress is made of fire resistant material that is resistant to blood, urine, acids and alkaline as well.

CE certified and TÜV tested and certified for 150kg payload.

There is no better and more durable quality available on the market than any of our Escape-Mattress range.


  • Supplied with a storage cover
  • Can be suspended from the wall
  • 4 handles at each side

Protection of evacuee/patient:

  • 2 body flaps – 1 per side
  • Foot bag
  • Headrest


The Escape-Mattress Fold is mainly used in healthcare environments and (public) buildings.


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Article number: 21010
Dimensions (length x width): 200 x 68 cm
Mattress thickness: 8 cm
Including storage bag or case: Optional
Maximum carrying capacity: 150 kg
Space-saving: Double folding
Weight: 7.2 kg
Ready for use within seconds:
Free demonstration and expert advice:
Heat and flame resistant:
Also available in a 55cm wide version
CE & TÜV certified:
Adjustable headrest with immobilization band:
Fits in an Escape-Locker
User instruction manual
Warranty: 2 years