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The XS model is used when the other models are too wide for the available space. The Escape-Carry Chair® XS is also suitable for evacuating an evacuee up the stairs by means of the carrying bracket and carrying handles. For instance in buildings with narrow corridors and/or staircases, or airplanes.


The Escape-Carry Chair® XS is ideal for narrow staircases or corridors like airplanes & airports or old buildings.


No two buildings are the same and no two situations are the same. Our expert product specialists will provide advice on evacuation concepts for your Organisation. We share the same passion in helping you to make the best choice, when it comes to investing in the right evacuation equipment. So before you order, why not contact us for some expert help!


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Article number: 10150
Dimensions folded up (height x width x depth): 105 x 40 x 27cm
Maximum payload: 185 kg
Maximum Stair Gradient 40°
Weight: ± 12 kg
Ergonomic backrest: Single
Demonstration and advice provided:
Ready for use within seconds:
Speed of descent to be determined by the user:
Safe closed gliding belt cassette:
Reflective strips:
CE, TÜV & ISO 9001 certified:
Delivery included:
User Instruction Manual
Identity sign:
Wall hooks:
Padded (upholstered) headrest:
Extra slim design (e.g. for airports):
Warranty on non-wearing parts: 3 years